Forrest Oliphant

Day 01 – London


I am at Victoria station, and decide to just start hiking. Make it out the door and as far as some square, but decide a map might be a good thing to consult, so I go down in the tube and study the ones on the wall for a bit. This is probably a good move, since the only bearing that I have are up and down, and even those seem a little bit shaky from the lack of sleep. The tube seems straightforward to navigate, but I decide that I should take advantage of the good weather and walk to the flat.

I take a haphazard course through London’s downtown, seeing lots of touristy sights and getting that fix for the week. London doesn’t seem to have too many Londoners, not that I can tell... It’s just that nobody really looks like they know what is going on any more than I.

Doze off in the sun in a grassy park. Mmm that felt good, and reenergized me to continue on the trek.

Two hours later, travelling at an average velocity of two mph (that's if I were a crow, flying) I find the study "centre" and a few of my comexpatriots. We pick up the keys and head to the flats (ours is boxy but comfortable) then go to the grocery store.